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An Extraordinary Stay in Shrek's Swamp

View of the exterior of the unusual home, created by Airbnb.

The world of DreamWorks animated films comes to life to offer a most unusual vacation experience. Airbnb, a famous homestay booking platform, has decided to go even further by offering access to places inspired by pop culture. After the success of the Barbie movie promotion last June, where users could book a stay in the famous doll's Dream House, redecorated as Mojo Dojo Casa House, Airbnb is doing it again with a unique experience.

To celebrate Halloween in an exceptional way, Airbnb invites us to dive into the world of Shrek, the ogre beloved by humans. Despite the unusual timing since the DreamWorks license is working on its fifth opus, this experience will not fail to delight fans of the film. From the surrounding fauna to the smallest details of the house housed in a trunk, Airbnb offers a life-size reproduction of the emblematic place. If this destination makes you dream, here's how to participate and what to expect.

A Magical Shrek Swamp

Shrek's kitchen reproduced down to the smallest detail.

To pique visitors' curiosity, Airbnb has even created a little story for this unique place. It seems that Shrek asked the Donkey to guard his swamp, but that the donkey preferred to rent it out on Airbnb. However, rest assured, once there, the donkey will not annoy you with his long existential monologues. This larger than life Shrek swamp was built in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, for a magical experience full of folklore.

In addition to the incredibly realistic construction and decoration effort, the stay on site will be enhanced with a few additions for total immersion. You can light the room using "earwax candles" and enjoy delicious clafoutis. Like in the film, Shrek's toilets are located outside, for an authentic experience. As for the bathroom, the accommodation description indicates that you will have to walk approximately 20 meters to an independent structure. After all, the ogre does without a shower in his adventures, unless it is based on mud.

How to Book Your Stay at Shrek's Swamp?

Reservations for this extraordinary experience will open on October 13 from 7 p.m. at the following address: It is important to note that, although the platform claims that this is not a competition, only a lucky few will be able to enjoy this unique two-night stay from October 27 to 29, 2023. Accommodation will be free, but the lucky ones will have to organize their own trip to Scotland. It remains to be seen whether reservations will operate on a "first come, first served" basis. or if it will be a draw. Either way, an adventure in the heart of Shrek's swamp awaits you for unforgettable memories.

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