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Apprenez chacune des étapes afin de débuter sur Airbnb

Hola, hi, aloha!

After a career in sales and marketing, as well as some transformative travel, it was in 2014 that I decided to sell everything and take the plunge full-time. My underlying goal was to find the perfect place under the palm trees to settle down and open a hostel.


By adopting a bohemian lifestyle, sometimes in a van or in a youth hostel, I quickly realized that the importance of material possession fades, understanding that when you have nothing, you have everything. I thus lived according to the wind and encounters for four full years, mainly in exchange for services. I worked as a bartender and offered my services in video creation and web marketing.


It was in 2018 that I increasingly felt the desire to realize myself through a concrete project. I then decided to continue traveling by staying in the same place by welcoming travelers from all over the world to my home province, Quebec.

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